Overcoming Regional Disparities


4th International Conference “Overcoming Regional Disparities – Implementing Regional Development Policies: What are the key factors for success?”

Internationale Konferenz am 21. und 22. Mai 2014 in Chisinau, Moldau.

Stefan Elsing erarbeitete das Hintergrundpapier “What kind of multi-level Governance arrangements should be put in place to ensure effective planning and programming for regional development?”

… und moderierte den Konferenz-Workshop 1 zum gleichen Thema.

Guiding questions:

  1. How to align Regional Development Strategies with sector strategies?
  2. What are the optimal bottom-up and top-down institutional arrangements for regional planning and implementation, as well as the relations between them?
  3. Does an integrated and territorial place-based approach offer an effective response to the challenges of Regional Development?
  4. How to ensure greater accountability and transparency within multi-level Governance relations in regional development?

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